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Current Trends in Pharmacology and Clinical Trials (CTPCT) ISSN: 2642-0848

Articles in Press - Volume 4 Issue 2

hPSCs: A Game Changer in Regenerative Therapy

Gupta S* and Naik AA


Non-Invasive Spontaneous Baroreceptor Sensitivity Measurement: A Reproducible Tool to Assess Autonomic Cardiac Function in Early Drug Development

Depré M*, Mukherjee A, Norouzizadeh H, Laenen J, DiBenedetto A, Struyk A, Stoch S, Arrington L, De Lepeleire I, Walford G and de Hoon J

Research Article

Articles in Press - Volume 4 Issue 3

Silymarin as an Adjunct to Oral Antidiabetic Agents: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Clinical Trial

Sharifi S, Valizadeh N, Heidari M, Baradaran P and Sharifi H*

Research Article

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