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Journal of Neonatal Research and Pediatric Care (JNRPC) ISSN: 2691-5901

Journal of Neonatal Research and Pediatric Care (JNRPC) is an Open Access peer reviewed journal continues to promote the latest developments in pediatric medicine, child health and advances pediatric research. This journal is a prime source of information in the area of fetal and neonatal research. The journal aims to keep the up to date information available to the scientists, researchers, scholars and students on all aspects of child health and disease from the perinatal period (in the Fetal and Neonatal edition) to adolescence. Through a meticulous process of peer review, the Journal strives to publish pediatric research of the highest value for pediatric healthcare professionals. The JNRPC accepts original translational research papers, invited reviews, and commentaries on the etiologies and treatment of diseases of children and disorders of development.

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Latest Articles

Vitamin D Supplementation in Children Aged 2 to 12 in Countries with Cold Climates: A Systematic Review

Albornoz-Guerrero Javier*, Garcia-Perez-de-sevilla-Guillermo, Gatica Barbara and Soto Catalina
Review Article

Serum 25-hydroxy Vitamin D in Japanese Children with PFAPA Syndrome

Saisho J, Ono K, Suzuki S, Nishimata S, Yamanaka G, Yamazaki T, Kashiwagi Y and Kawashima H*
Research Article

Impact of Location of Sepsis Evaluation on Time to Antibiotic Administration within a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Tiffany L Lee, Dmitry Dukhovny, Ken Pickron, Thuy Nguyen and Angela Y Douglas*

Research Article

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