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Journal of Retro Virology and Anti Retro Virology (JRVAV)

Journal of Retro Virology and Anti Retro Virology is an open access journal covering basic research on retroviruses. Retroviruses are pleiotropically found in animals. It aims to cover comprehensively all aspects of human and animal retrovirus research and it causes serious diseases in humans, other mammals, and birds. A group of viruses, produce tumors that contain RNA and reverse transcriptase including the virus that causes AIDS and an Anti- retro viral is an agent effective against retroviruses. Retro virology includes Human immunodeficiency virus, Reverse transcriptase, RNA virus, Provirus, Phage therapy, Bacteriophages, Smallpox, etc. JRVAV prints original articles, reviews, case reports, short communication and other types of papers and provides the opening to inform academics, clinicians, and others working in the field of antiviral drugs and therapies.

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Latest Articles

Cytomegalovirus in Liver Transplant Patients

Mahitab Ahmed Y, Doaa Tawfik M*, Ahmad Mohammad S, Sahar Taher M

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Medicinal synthetic Aluminum-magnesium silicate {Al 4 (SiO 4 ) 3 + 3Mg 2 SiO 4 → 2Al 2 Mg 3 (SiO 4 ) 3 } normalizes immunity and terminates HIV-infections

Ezeibe MCO*, Olamide YU, Aneke NK, Obarezi TN, Sanda ME, Ogbonna IJ, Kalu E, Njoku UN, Udobi M, Ekundayo OE, Ifenkwe OIO, Igwe MC and Ogbodo TO

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