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Journal of Lung and Pulmonary Medicine (JLPM) ISSN: 2996-7937

Journal of Lung and Pulmonary Medicine is an peer reviewed high quality open access journal, this journal manages with researcher and practice on conditions of the chest, particularly pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, and complicated chest infections. Pulmonary medicine considered in a branch of internal medicine, in the field of respiratory medicine. The journal aims to provide a global platform to scientist and researchers throughout the world. This journal process all types of articles including original research papers, editorials, case report, letter to editors, review articles, mini- review articles, short communication, research articles, etc.

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Latest Articles

A Study on the Severity and Outcome of Covid-19 in Obese Patients

Balamanikandan P, Sunil KS, Priyanka B and Bermio VS*

Research Article

Implementation, Development and Regionalization of a Tele Spirometry System to Improve the Early Diagnosis of COPD. 5-Year Results

Ruiz MC, Roncero LA, Del PG, Saiz RE, Molina EJA, Torres MM, Breton RM, Ramirez MD and Lazaro G

Research Article

Consequences of Sleep Apneas Syndrome in Poor CPAP Compliers

Roncero LA, Torres MM, Breton RM, Ramirez MD, Lazaro GR, Saiz RE, Del Puerto GD and Ruiz MC

Research Article

Application of Pleural Drainage Catheter Single-Center Experience of Chest Diseases

Burcu Özdemir, Levent Özdemir* and Bilge Akgündüz

Research Article

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